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News Briefs

Biden rails against assault on democracy

June 22, 2018
Joe Biden spoke against domestic and global forces that assault democracy. He spoke at a conference in Copenhagen, reports the Guardian.


Climate refugees unsung

June 20, 2018
Since 2008, 24 million people have been displaced by catastrophic weather events, but they still remain uncategorized by international agences. By 2050 they are expected to number 143 million, NPR reports.

DOW plunges as trade war looms

June 18. 2018
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has plunged 350 points as investors fear a looming trade war, CNN Money reports.

Washington Post fact checks immigration claims

June 19, 2018
The Washington Post attempts to lay out the facts regarding the recent surge in immigration arrests and the family separations that result.

Cartoonist at Pittsburgh daily fired for mocking president

June 17, 2018
Rob Rogers, formerly of the Pittsburgh  Post-Gazette, was fired for creating cartoons critical of President Trump, the Guardian reports. He had worked at the paper for 25 years.

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