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News Briefs

May not allowed to negotiate Brexit multilaterally

Aug. 16, 2018
British Prime Minister Theresa May requested that the EU accelerate Brexit talks by allowing Britain to negotiate with individual EU nations, but the EU says no to that, the Guardian reports.

Family feuds of Capitol Hill strong and ongoing

Aug. 14, 2018
Family Feud isn't just geriatric game show, it's a phenomenon that's alive and well on Capitol Hill, Roll Call reports.

Disney animators help with understanding avalanche

Aug. 13, 2018
Disney animators working on "Frozen" simulated a "slab" avalanche. The animation has been an aid to those working to understand the mechanics of the deadly phenomenon, reports Wired.

British Muslim leaders call for investigation into Tory Islamphobia

Aug. 13, 2018
Following remarks by Boris Johnson, the Islamic Council of Britain has pressed Theresa May to launch a probe into what the council called the Conservative Party's "Islamophobia," the Guardian reports.

Crypto custody product for the well-heeled

Aug. 9, 2018
For a mere $100,000 and $10,000,000 in currency, you can have your own crypto currency custody product, reports. It's a place to keep that big crypto stash.

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