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News Briefs

How not to blow that lead on New England (2)
Feb. 4, 2018
The situation that the New England Patriot's opponents fear the most is having a sizable lead at half time. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler cast about the league for advice on how not to blow that lead.

Apple cuts iPhoneX production in half

Jan. 30, 2018
Apple has cut its iPhoneX production in half and its orders for the phone's components by 60 percent, reports.

Larry Nassar gets up to 175 years in prison

Jan. 24, 2018
"I just signed your death warrant," said Judge Rosemarie Aquilina to Larry Nassar, the USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor in the courtroom in Lansing, Michigan today. Nassar was sentenced on Wednesday to 40 to 175 years in prison after admitting to abusing girls and women who were receiving treatment from him, says NPR.

Meuller seeks interview with President Trump

Jan. 24, 2018
Working to connect the dots, special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking to interview President Trump regarding the departure of former FBI Director James Comey and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, the Washington Post reports.

Senate votes to re-open government

Jan. 22, 2018
The US Senate voted 81-18 today to re-open the federal government. The Senate approved a three-week stopgap funding measure, reports

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