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News Briefs

Black bear inspects clothing

Rising Sun Campground in Glacier National Park has been closed while rangers deal with problem bears. A young black bear snatched a pillow from a sleeping camper, and the same bear was seen inspecting clothing arrayed along the lake shore. A grizzly bear has been spotted at the camp ground as well, KXLF reports.

Butte men sought in connection with homicide

Butte police are searching for two Butte men in connection with a homicide committed last night. KXLF reports.

Tales of Canadian crude

Who would birng us, among other things, a little-reported tale of exploding rail cars carrying crude through a small Canadian town, Wilbur Wood. See his piece in the Billings Outpost.

The faith fee

In a world where church and state are joined, the government can take the tithe right out of your bank account. Global Post reports from Pakistan.

U.S. adds 162,000 jobs

The United States added 162,000 jobs, and unemployment felll to 7.4 percent, but gains were lower than expected, the New York Times reports.
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