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News Briefs

Dust abatement shed to be built

Greeley neighborhood activists have prevailed in their efforts to reduce mine dust in their area, KXLF reports.

Bachman reelection in peril

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann keeps her name in headlines with her flame throwing tongue, but she faces a tough reelection fight in 2014. She's already behind in the polls, Politico writes.

Openly gay scouts to be allowed

Today, the Boy Scouts voted to allow the openly gay to join, various news sources reported.

Crisp commentary on guns and medicine

You may disagree with David Crisp's views, but you will be hard pressed to find opinions better argued and more eloquently expressed. Read him here.

Dead man found on East Ridge

The body of a man estimated to be in his mid-50's was found on Butte's East Ridge The man's body was discovered at about 10 p.m. on Thursday by hikers. KXLF has the story.
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