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News Briefs

Cow comes to the end of trail in Uptown Butte

January 27, 2014
A cow escaped a local slaughterhouse today, but was put down by police. The cow ran loose in Uptown Butte near Saint James hospital before being shot. The cow was wounded and charging people, KXLF reports.

Maroons sting Yellowjackets

January 26, 2014
The Butte Central Maroons won against Stevensville Yellowjackets in tough contest Saturday afternoon that ended 49-45. The Yellowjackets are the incumbent champions. The Maroons have beaten them twice this season, reports.

Bakken crude rides the rails: train oil spills up

January 26, 2014
Two-thirds of Bakken crude catches a train on its way to market because pipelines are not available to transport it. Corresponding to the huge increase in American oil production, the number of gallons of oil spilled from trains last year was greater than the number of gallons spilled from 1975 to 2012, the New York Times reports.

Star ambassador tweets controversy

January 25, 2014
American ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, tweeted in opposition to Japan's cove dolphin hunt, inviting the ire of Japanese conservatives, but the ambassador appears to still be the darling of the Japanese public, the New York Times reports. Posted from my iPhone using Joomla Admin Mobile!

Kochs consolidate political activities

Those champions of the right, the Koch brothers, are consolidating their political activities and are relying less on surrogates, Politico reports.
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