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BSBPA BBL Easter Rising across the Ocean


Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives (BSBPA) located at 17 West Quartz continues to host Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) lecture series twice a month. On the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, in the meeting room on the second floor at 12:00 pm some of the best stories are told.

BBL lectures cover a myriad of topics. On August 9, there will be a presentation by Alan Noonan entitled The Rising Across an Ocean: The Transnational Links Between Ireland and the US in 1916. The speaker is scholar Alan Noonan.

The events of the Easter Rising of 1916 center on the military struggle in Dublin and the execution of the leaders of the rebellion. The Proclamation of the Republic declared that the forces of the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizens Army were supported by the exiled children of Ireland in America. This included significant support from the copper city of Butte, Montana, six and a half thousand kilometers away.

The seismic consequences of the Rising would be intimately felt in Butte, as well as Ireland. Strikes wracked the city as workers protested American support of Britain and the later eventual entry of the United States into the World War. The events sundered the once unified Irish-Americans in Butte and led to familiar charges of disloyalty and sedition being used against them from certain quarters. This presentation covers these tumultuous events and brings some formerly hidden aspects of history to light.

Alan Noonan is a scholar of mobility, labor, and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries. He holds an M.Phil and a Ph.D. in history and he has been a Mellon Fellow at the Library Company of Philadelphia, a Smithsonian Fellow at the National Museum of American History, and is currently a Kluge Fellow at the Library of Congress where he is conducting research on the project “Unearthing Traditions: Poems, Songs, and Stories of Mining Communities throughout the United States.” His book, Wandering Laborers: The Irish and Mining Throughout the American West, 1849-1920 will be released in the spring by the University of Colorado Press.


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